Testimonial by Simon

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Over the last five years i have been travelling on the most incredible journey anyone could imagine, a journey in which i have found myself, the real me, which had been just a seed in the back of my mind for over 50 years.

I am 61 years old, a successful and well respected businessman, and my journey began in a pub car park on a sunny autumn afternoon in 2016, in fact it was 16:45pm on Wednesday 28th  September 2016 to be exact, when i nervously got out of my car and dialled the phone number i had been given. Almost immediately i saw the the extremely attractive young woman, with fiery red hair and blue sparkling eyes, sat at a table outside, lift her phone. “It’s Simon Miss, i can see you in front of me” i mumbled awkwardly, lost for anything else to say as i walked towards the table, this stunning picture i had first seen on the internet, with her intriguing strap line ‘And though she be but little, she is fierce’, looked up and smiled pleasantly as i walked towards her, some of my nerves fell away, as that beguiling look pulled me in!

This was the very first time i had met Miss Kendal, and i was already under her spell. The autumn sun danced on her red hair, and intensified the sparkle in those amazing blue eyes, she was even more stunning than her website profile, and i was already feeling a little bit inferior and pathetic, a feeling I’ve come the thrive on over the years since then.

I was there to fulfil a fantasy, i wanted to regress to a little boy and be turned over a powerful woman’s knee and be spanked on my bare bottom until i was in tears. Yes it may sound strange but that’s exactly what i wanted and needed, i wanted to be spanked, slippered, strapped, and caned like a little boy until i could take no more, and Miss Kendal had offered the disciplinary services i was looking for, even though in her early 30’s, she was over 25 years my junior, i needed her to take control away from me and punish me like a naughty boy.

Miss Kendal had booked a room at the adjacent hotel for the purpose of delivering my fantasy and after a brief ‘Break the Ice’ chat we retired to the room and my journey into submission began in earnest. Within minutes Miss Kendal had created such an intense and mesmerizing atmosphere i was transformed into another world, and what occurred thereafter was the most life changing 60 minutes of my life, not least as for the first time ever i stooped and kissed Miss Kendal’s beautiful feet as the session came to a close! The session delivered everything i had dreamt of and more, a thousand times more, when i left at the end of the session, a smile on my face, a spring in my step and a red and throbbing bottom i was already planning my return. My journey had begun!

Over the following years our journey progressed through my early days of schoolboy regression, where i battled against admitting i was a masochist, a label i feared but which described me perfectly, into a pure CP based relationship where my submission grew deeper, and my desire to be beaten and submit to Miss Kendal became my overriding need in session, and on to a position now, where i have become Miss Kendal’s owned and collared submissive, available for Miss Kendal’s use, enjoyment and amusement, submitting to an array of BDSM activities, as she chooses and dictates. Miss Kendal’s wish is my desire and command!

This journey has had its trials and tribulations for us both, there have been highs, and lows, challenges we had not envisaged, i have strayed from the path we had chosen together, but been brought back on to the journey, often in a very painful way, by Miss Kendal’s guidance, patience, and array of punishment implements. These trials and tribulations have only proven to strengthen the bond between us, the bond of Disciplinarian/Dominant and submissive, and from  each of the lows and challenges we have both emerged stronger and more determined, even through the challenges thrown up from the impact of a Global Pandemic our relationship has emerged unscathed and in many ways stronger.

During these years we have built a relationship cemented on Trust and Understanding and Friendship, one where i am willing to give over control and power to Miss Kendal without question and without hesitation, and this has made our play natural and relaxed, and exciting and fulfilling, a true D/s relationship.

In my day to day life i am the master of all i survey, i am a successful businessman and well respected and regarded member of the community, but for a few hours each month all of that is stripped away from me, and i submit to the most beautiful, talented and incredible Disciplinarian and Dominant in the world, Miss Katherine Kendal. I am naked, exposed, and vulnerable, on my knees, at my rightful place Miss Kendal’s feet, collared, a symbol that i am the owned property of Miss Kendal, and awaiting instruction, as i should be. I have no rights, i have no thoughts, i have no entitlement, i have no possessions, everything i have, my mind, my body, my emotions, my everything are Miss Kendal’s, to do with as she chooses and wishes. As i kneel at Miss Kendal’s feet and my collar is locked around my neck, all of me falls away. Every time i am collared is still as joyous and emotional as it was the first time i knelt and Miss Kendal placed that small chain around my neck, it is inexplicable but the impact is the most incredible feeling of submission and emotion anyone could ever imagine.

My journey with Miss Kendal has been life changing for me, i am a much better person, a much stronger person, i have focus and direction, i have discovered a submissive side of me i never knew existed, and more importantly i have discovered the real me, a me i like a lot more than the old me!

Miss Kendal’s talents span many and varied fields, in particular she is a talented and exceptional Videographer who develops, produces, films and takes part in some of the most amazing video clips on the internet, and i have been privileged to be asked to take part in some of these clips, an experience which is both fun and exciting.

Miss Kendal is the most incredible person and Dominant i have ever met, she is imaginative and creative, sessions and filming days are always varied and exciting as a result, she has an incredible talent and determination to succeed, she is friendly and welcoming, and is a true professional in her career and business.

I personally owe Miss Kendal a debt of gratitude for the patience and efforts she has made with me and my submission, she has given me something that i had subconsciously yearned for for over 50 years. She has developed and encouraged me along an incredible journey we have enjoyed together, a journey of five years, and hopefully many more to come!

Thank you, Miss Kendal for being you! I am proud to be Miss Kendal’s owned submissive, belonging to Miss Kendal brings me joy.