Dominant, Sadist & Disciplinarian

Staffordshire, UK
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Show your appreciation, submit your session application and surrender yourself to my mercy. Explore your fantasies with a strict, unyeilding woman.

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“She will terrorise you.

She will strip you of your dignity.

She will deprive you of your freedom.”

A Helping of the Hairbrush

A hard helping of my hairbrush for you...You know precisely what's coming next.  After a long and very thorough warm up, my sub is sent to fetch the hair brush. An implement he despises and fears. He knew this was coming and he shuffles off sheepishly to gather the...

I Expect You To Do Better

The look of sheer disappointment...Woe betide you if you don't lift a finger in this house.   Your laziness and lack of motivation around this house hasn't gone unnoticed. Just when exactly do you plan on doing as you're told? You realise there are severe consequences...

A Proper Spanking

Put across my knee and soundly spanked...t's not a real spanking until it really starts to hurt.   It has been far too long since you felt the sting of my hand across your bottom. I rather think you get away lightly when I spank you. Perhaps it is time for you to feel...

She will show you a tenderness,  a compassion, an insight and an understanding of your needs, and ultimately a respect for you that surpasses anything that you can offer her in return.

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